Spring Gathering 2018

“ I told them, that I joined the covenant of peace. It existed before war and fight”
(George Fox; 24.01 Quaker faith and practice)

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”
(Rom 12, 18)

EMEYF Spring Gathering 2018 --- “Creating community” --- 25/3/2018 – 2/4/2018 --- Moyallon Quaker Center, Portadown, Ireland

We’re excited to invite all F(f)riends to be part of the next European and Middle East Young Friends Spring Gathering in Ireland.

Come and join us from Sunday 25th March to Monday 2nd April 2018 at the Moyallon Quaker Center, near Portadown.

In times of Brexit, growing racism and the threat of new war we will gather as Young Friends and experience the theme “Creating community” in the area of Ireland and Northern Ireland, an area with a long Quaker peace building history. The event will include visits to Dublin and Belfast, connection to Irish (Young) Friends, an introduction to the Irish ‘times of troubles’ and Quaker peace work, workshops, business sessions, creativity, fun and free time.

Information pack (including application form) as pdf

Information pack (including application form) as doc

Please send the registration form to springgathering@emeyf.org - and please register before 15/2/2018!
Looking forward to see you!
The 2018 EMEYF Spring Gathering Planning Committee.