EMEYF is a loose group of Quakers aged between 18 and thirty-ish from all over Europe and the Middle East.

Latest updates:

Jitsi events are now happenning every Tuesday at 20.00 CET - you can find (and add to!) the schedule here.

The in-person Gathering has been cancelled! We are having a self organizing SG on jitsi! Please check your email and the jitsi room to join :)  

Annual Report 2019 is online!

If you want to get to know EMEYF or remember events and stories, the Annual Report is a nice read. Find it here!


Photos from Spring Gathering 2019 are here! Password: peski2019


Upcoming Events

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About EMEYF.


Contact details for EMEYF.
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Photos of Spring Gatherings and Annual Meetings.
Chat: you can chat with various Quakers, some of them involved with EMEYF on the irc.quaker.eu.org IRC server channel #quaker. http://irc.quaker.eu.org

We have a group on Facebook, go here. And we have relaunched our magazine, Willy & Penn, in digital form as part of the EMEYF Living Archives Project!

In these COVID-19 times we will be having a video Meeting for Worship on jitsi every other Tuesday evening 8 CET. Please check your Email for the details. 

Documents: Annual Reports, accounts, minutes, epistles and more.