Friends of EMEYF

EMEYF and its F/friends

Our idea to set up a F/friends of EMEYF circle stems from a desire to create tighter bonds with former EMEYFers and to exchange experiences and inspiration. For many EMEYFers, their experiences form the way they engage with Quakerism and the world, even after they finish being EMEYFers in the formal sense. We hope that the Friends of EMEYF mailing list will help strengthen our feeling of community and encourage us to hold each other in the light.

EMEYF is the community of Friends from Europe and the Middle East, aged 18-35ish. With other Young Adult Friends, we explore our faith and practice, finding our voice to say what we can say, do what we can do, and take over responsibility for the wider Quaker community. This "space of our own" depends on the Meetings and individuals around us, who support us financially and spiritually.

Thank you, Meetings, former EMEYFers, future EMEYFers, and F/friends of all ages!


You are invited to join our support network Friends of EMEYF, stay connected and/or support us thorugh small scale individual donations.

You can sign up for the Friends of EMEYF list here:

More information about Friends of EMEYF can be found in this leaflet.