What is EMEYF?

Europe and Middle East Young Friends (EMEYF) builds closer links, encouraging exchange on spiritual matters and international friendship between Quakers aged 18-35 living in these areas. We currently have contacts in at least fifteen European and Middle East countries, and are building on this.

What Does EMEYF Do?

EMEYF crosses geographical boundaries, discovering both unity and diversity in our Quaker community.

Spring Gathering is hosted by a different country each year, exploring a theme through worship and discussion. It is an opportunity to develop personal friendships and deepen our spirituality.

Annual Meeting is our meeting for worship for business held in Brussels each autumn. We share our activities of the past year, both as EMEYF and regional groups, test and pursue concerns, build relationships, support each other and practise the business method of the Religious Society of Friends.


Who Are The Quakers?

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) dates from seventeenth century England. Silence is at the heart of our corporate worship and is the source of much of our inspiration. We try to remain open to all people believing that we are all equal before God. We feel this tradition of speaking and listening to that of God in all people and the emphasis on social action, peace and justice has something important to say in today's world. Friends' way of life has always been influenced by this collection of insights, attitudes and practices.


Can I Get More Involved?

You are welcome to get in touch or to come to any of our activities. Please contact our secretary:

EMEYF Secretary
Quaker House
Square Ambiorix 50
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 230 4935
Fax: +32 2 230 6370
Email: emeyf@ qcea.org