EMEYF is a loose group of Quakers aged between 18 and thirty-ish from all over Europe and the Middle East.

Latest updates:

Pictures and video from Annual Meeting 2018 can be found here.
And pictures from Spring Gathering 2018 are here.

Password for both is EMEYF2018

Read the shiny new EMEYF Annual Report 2017 here!

Registration for EMEYF SPRING GATHERING 2019 IN RUSSIA 24.4. - 1.5.2018 is now closed.

Keep an eye out for the epistle and minutes afterwards.

Older updates:

Pictures from Spring Gathering 2017 now available! Passwort: emeyf2017

(1.4.2017): The new EMEYF website is down due to technical problems. For the meantime, we ask you to use this older version (as of 2015) to find out what EMEYF does and is - we have added a page with documents 2015-2017.

Upcoming Events

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About EMEYF.


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 Chat: you can chat with various Quakers, some of them involved with EMEYF on the irc.quaker.eu.org IRC server channel #quaker. http://irc.quaker.eu.org

We have a group on Facebook, go here. And we have relaunched our magazine, Willy & Penn, in digital form as part of the EMEYF Living Archives Project!

 Documents: Annual Reports, accounts, minutes, epistles and more.